Welcome to NYPH 2021

If you haven't already, first please read about how the BSBI New Year Plant works.

You can use the recording form on your phone as you walk or on your computer, after you've returned home.

Enter your records »

Please use the recording form, it's easy to use and allows us to process your finds quickly so that they appear immediately on the results page.

Stay safe, stay local and observe any restrictions that apply to your area.

How to record

Using the app on your phone means that you can record your New Year Plant Hunt finds as you walk. You’ll be able to add photos and automatically include accurate grid-references using your phone's GPS. The recording form was designed for use on a phone and it’s very user-friendly!


Use a notebook to record your list and enter the records on the website once you're home.

Enter your records »

If you run into any problems, you can email the NYPH team at nyplanthunt@bsbi.org or phone us on 07725 862957. We'll be here throughout the hunt, ready to help you.

Help with using the recording form

  1. Click on 'Enter your Records' to go to the app.
  2. Once the page has loaded, click through any introductory screens and click 'Start the Hunt'.
  3. Start typing in the plant name and select from the list OR click 'Unknown Plant' and upload a photo.
  4. If you are prompted, please allow the app to use GPS. This will save you a lot of time and provide us with precise locations automatically.
  5. For your first record: after choosing a plant name you may be directed to the location page. You only can set a location by typing a grid-reference or by clicking on the map. You only need to do this if the app isn't using GPS. With GPS enabled the locations will be set automatically. If you are entering records at home and would like your chosen grid reference to apply to your subsequent records, then click the padlock icon (so that it appears closed).
  6. To return to the record from the map screen (if displayed) click on the back arrow (top-left) to save your record and return to the start page.
  7. Your new record will now be listed on the start page.
  8. Continue adding more records either by sending images (click on the camera icon) or by picking from the list of species (click on +).
  9. You can edit a record to modify the name, grid-reference or to add notes by clicking on the entry in the list.
  10. Once you have finished editing your records, please double-check your list for mistakes. Please click on List title, date and comments on the main page and check that the date is correct.
    For display on the results page it's good to give your list a distinctive title - usually based on where you searched. Please don't include include your full name here. The title will be displayed on the results page).
  11. Finally, click Send. If you see a rotating symbol, your records are being sent through for validation (you can still modify and re-send records that are listed in the app). Thank you!
  12. If this doesn't happen, or if it's very slow then first check if any problems have been highlighted – every record needs to have a grid-reference and either a species name or a photo. If no errors are shown, then check that you have an internet connection. Trying clicking the button again to retry the send process. If you still encounter problems then please email us.
  13. You can carry on adding more records even after you have first sent the list. These will be added to the existing list.
  14. To send multiple separate plant hunt lists, make sure that your first list has been successfully saved (all records marked as sent) then reset the search form by clicking on the menu icon (top-left) and selecting 'Start a new list'.

If you encounter problems

Please email the NYPH team at nyplanthunt@bsbi.org or phone us on 07725 862957. We'll be here throughout the hunt, ready to help you.

If you are unable to get the app to work on EITHER your phone OR your computer (do try both) then our volunteers will enter your records by hand but this takes us much longer. If the app really doesn't work for you then please follow these instructions:

Email us your list and be sure to include all the essential details listed below:

Plant Hunt participants are asked to provide their names and an email address. We use this information if we need to contact you about the list you've sent, but won't retain email contact details after the project has finished. Any names you provide will be retained in our permanent archive, as we consider the recorder's name to be an important and inseparable part of a botanical record. If you prefer, you are free to use an informal name or a pseudonym.

Please contact us if you wish to fully remove your details from our database.

Personal details collected by the New Year Plant Hunt are covered by BSBI's Privacy Policy.